Of Prospects and Provisions

Recent developments have been rather taxing and my work ethic has suffered over the past week or two, but I’m digging in this week and already I’m making pretty good progress.

After Years in Dark Tunnels, the flash game by Maher Sagrillo (Graphics, Design) and myself (Programmin’) is to be released very soon. I’m gonna wait for Kongregate to get back to me, then we’re gonna pick a publication plan and go with it. After that it will be a day or two of integrating whatever little ads are needed, then it’ll be online!

New Screenshots:

I’m currently working on Plight of the Worm, another Flash game. It’s pre-alpha at the moment, but Maher’s already agreed to contribute art to the game. I’m thinking a late October release.

No Screenshots of this yet :P

Been applying for jobs all around. Hoping to land something soon. Not much time till money starts to dry up. I’m hoping to stay in the area, as I’d like to continue to work with Maher as well as some other local guys. Met ZeeGee Games last week. Pretty cool bunch!

EDIT: Oh, and that Lab Tech thing fell through. Seems Full Sail’s ridiculous GPA standards (by normal school GPA, I had a 3.20. At Full Sail my B+ is a 2.70 D:) got the best of me, and the staff didn’t give me a chance, but yeah, I’m looking for work to get more experience (and obviously to survive.) Of course, more games are in the works from my independent developments.


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