The Ravenous Flender strikes the earth!

A very eventful middle-of-the-week. Maher and I have released, as of last night, our first publicized independent game, After Years in Dark Tunnels! We’ve gotten some expected flak from being different, here, but overall we’re loving the feedback. Postmortem to come.

In the wake of this release, I stayed up late fixing bugs and found myself waking to a phone call the next day as Dustin Clingman gave me, in my daze, the opportunity to join him at ZeeGee games for a paid internship, noting the game above being a major component to their interest in me! Goin in tomorrow. Exciting shit!

Plight of the Worm, my next project, has been quite behind schedule for a while since the job-hunt and getting After Years out the door became priorities. I’m gonna be focusing a lot on proving myself to the fine folks at ZeeGee, so I expect it to be a month or two at least before I’m nearing completion on that game. We’ll see, though!

Far off prospects are looking hazy as ever. Possibly some involvement in a band and maybe mountain climbing in the far future!


About Elisha

Craftsman. Helminmancer. Smoulder-Banshee. The Fiery Flender.
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2 Responses to The Ravenous Flender strikes the earth!

  1. Derk says:

    I’m so happy for you!

    BTW, the game was amazing! The graphics, music, and storyline fit together to make a true masterpiece! I almost cried…

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