Remember, promise is bad practice.

It’s been too long since my previous update. This site has been a nice container for my works from school, but there’s not been much reason to “blog” and I’m not into bullshitting myself.
This definitely began poised to be a public record of works and research. Lately, what’s been growing in importance is my creativity, as it’s too long hid behind the looming shadow of my deconstructive, analytic faces. I hate to let one fall or stagnate. I’ve traded alot of time for the experiences of various crafts to find my muses.
I’ll be compiling some previous works here for show soon. Don’t act interested if you’re not. This is a public promise from me, to me.

Also, I live in a house now. Shit’s bitchen.


About Elisha

Craftsman. Helminmancer. Smoulder-Banshee. The Fiery Flender.
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