Recipe: Cherubed Eggs

Wonderful eggs of my creation.

 6 Eggs
 6tsp Apple Butter
 3tsp Sriracha
 3tsp Creme Cheese (Optional)
 Some Salt


Hard boil your eggs. My procedure is put them in water, get it to a hard boil, then cover and lower temp to 1 or 2 and let that for 10 minutes. NO MORE. Overcooking the eggs is the easiest way to detract from the experience. You’ll know you cooked ’em too long when your yolks come out with a sulfurous dark surface, not the healthy yellow you want.

After that 10 minutes, remove the eggs, crack, and peel the shells off of all of them. Easier to do when they’re hot. Shells are unnecessary for this.

Cut the eggs in half and pull out all the yolks. Salt all your egg whites.

Mix all the yolks, Sriracha, Apple Butter, and add Creme Cheese if you want a little more filling and creamy eggs. Spoon the resulting mix into your egg whites evenly.

That’s it! You can garnish them to make them pretty or add extra seasoning, but I recommend doing the basic recipe once first so you know what you’re working from. I’ve tried adding more traditional Deviled Egg ingredients, but found they don’t really fit. Let me know if you find any interesting additions!

I didn’t bother makin’ them look pretty. Keep an eye on the yolk color. These particular Cherubed Eggs are very balanced and mild. Add more Sriracha if you’re ready for war.


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