My name’s Elisha. I’m a fan of systems design and game design. I’m a professional programmer and an eccentric artist. I don’t like bullshit. I’m a hunter of harmony and take as my personal mission to be unflinching in an honest delivery of loving intent. I hope that by reaching for spiritual attunement I can act as a stone to which the world can crystallize peace.

I am stretching across many crafts to find my strength in each.  I sing, play piano, draw, design, cook, and do so much more I cannot hope to categorize. I love life’s offerings of experience and depth and hope to offer it, and all within it, the same.

As a programmer, I work in Actionscript 3 and C++ primarily. I have 10+ years programming experience and I’ve been designing and analyzing games my whole life. Above all things in my work I believe in creating pieces of quality and seeking personal evolution.

Location: Casselberry, FL
Email: ravenousflender@gmail.com