About Me

Location: Casselberry, FL
Email: RavenousFlender@gmail.com

My name’s Elisha. I’m a fan of systems design and game design. I’m a professional programmer and foolishly call myself an artist. I’m a seeker of mutable truths. I’m a hunter of harmony and take as my personal mission to be unflinching in an honest delivery of loving intent.

I am stretching across many crafts to find my strength in each.  I sing, play piano, write, design games, cook, and do so much more I cannot hope to categorize. I love life’s offerings of experience and depth and hope to offer it, and all within it, the same.

As a programmer, I work in Actionscript 3 and C++ primarily. I have 10+ years programming experience and I’ve been designing and analyzing games my whole life. Above all things in my work I believe in creating pieces of quality and seeking personal evolution.

I most enjoy working on multiplayer ‘party games’, complex hardcore games of strategy and skill, and games of intrigue and deception. I have a place in my heart for games in general! I love to see them flourish and hate to see them abused.

As a designer my focuses are smooth control and depth. I like the idea of a game players will come back to a year after finishing and still find something new to them. I hate to see control be an obstacle for my players and I love the result of deeply ingrained value in every element. Filler content is to be avoided in my book. Less content is better than bland content. What I like to see is that the player takes to the depth of what he’s found in my games and learns something about himself through his interaction, whether that be “I never knew I could make that kind of decision.” or “I didn’t realize my hand-eye coordination could be challenged like this!” or “Wow, my friend is a dick…”