Resume / Code Samples

Daniel Elisha Seely — Software Engineer, Game Designer

Elisha Seely Resume 2.7: A lot of this info is below

Code Samples:
.7z archiver: 7zip < Covers .rar and .zip and doesn’t ask you to buy it!
I’ve not messed much with copy-write and license stuff, so just consider these museum pieces. Look, don’t use.
Olik’s Redemption Camera and Rails (C++) Click Here to Download .7z

This is the camera rail system I created and maintained. It uses 4-CV bezier curves which we exported from maya, as well as a directional rail, with planes on each end. All of this is to allow the camera to know where to be based on the player’s position. Using a soft attach and look, it created the smooth cinematic cameras seen in Olik’s Redemption.

AS3 Gates and ProgressTracker utility classes Click Here to Download .zip (Mediafire)

This is a test project for the AS3 (open and run in FlashDevelop) logic classes I developed. Their use is meant to be very generic, but I’ve found my common use is handling asynchronous loading for completion and progress tracking. Makes aggregate load bars a lot easier.

of Social: Leadership, Analytic Communication, Debate, Process Development
of Engineering: Software Architecture, Intuitive Debugging
of Programming: C++, Actionscript-3
of Software: Flash, Microsoft Office Suite
of Design: Writing, Game Design, Systems Design, Process Design
of Skills: Methodical Learning, Agile Teaching

I also have experience using DirectX, OpenGL, Maya, Flixel, Unity(with UnityScript), C# (with Forms). I’ve developed software as games, tools, engines, and even proprietary scripting languages!

Teaching, Ludology, Game Design, Traditional Arts, Eastern and Western Philosophies, Tabletop Gaming, Freeform Gaming, High-Level Systems Architecture, Low-Level Programming, Articulate and Esoteric Musics, History, Theology

1999-Current           Self-Educated Programmer

2008-2010               Full Sail University                        Winter Park, FL
–      Bachelors of Game Development.
–      Game Design, Programming, and Software Engineering courses.

Project History:
2009-2010            After Years in Dark Tunnels – 8 Months
Lead Designer/Artist: Maher Sagrillo

–      Sole Engineer and Design Aid with one Artist/Lead Designer
–      Wrote entire application in Actionscript3 with the Flixel API
–     Worked with abnormal physics, 2D graphic manipulation, and abstract game logic.
–      Created Tile Editor tool
–      Lead communication with sponsors

=== ZeeGee Games (Oct2010 – Nov2011) ===

2010-2011               A Better World – 10 Months
Associate Producer: Max Voelker
–      Flash Engineer with two to three other Programmers.
–      Worked with a remoting API and helped develop a large flash project.
–      Worked with offsite graphic designers.
–      Constant communication with client producers.
–      Created entire minigame.

2010-2011               My Tiny Planets – 3 Months
Producers: Max Voelker & Erin Eberardt
–      Flash Engineer with two other Engineers for “virtual world” game.
–      Joined the project over a year into its development.
–      Implemented small features using 2d physics and handling streaming data.
–      Worked closely with designer to refactor a minigame.

2011                       Internal Tech Dev/Canceled Title – 3 Months
Producers: Narie Kay & James Lewis
–      Lead development for an internal-use technology.
–      Began development on title using said technology with 1-2 other engineers.
–      Worked closely with different artists on this title.
–      Programmed a demo for the title.


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