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Recipe: Cherubed Eggs

Wonderful eggs of my creation. Ingredients: 6 Eggs 6tsp Apple Butter 3tsp Sriracha 3tsp Creme Cheese (Optional) Some Salt Ready? Hard boil your eggs. My procedure is put them in water, get it to a hard boil, then cover and … Continue reading

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How I became friends with Function Objects [Rock bands and Programming]

I’ve occasionally identified with some self-defining Rock Star archetype many years now. I can’t put my finger on exactly what, and it’s certainly not for some sex, drugs, and sensationalism power trip, but some aloof-yet-serious image served as a touchstone … Continue reading

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Remember, promise is bad practice.

It’s been too long since my previous update. This site has been a nice container for my works from school, but there’s not been much reason to “blog” and I’m not into bullshitting myself. This definitely began poised to be … Continue reading

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The Ravenous Flender strikes the earth!

A very eventful middle-of-the-week. Maher and I have released, as of last night, our first publicized independent game, After Years in Dark Tunnels! We’ve gotten some expected flak from being different, here, but overall we’re loving the feedback. Postmortem to … Continue reading

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Of Prospects and Provisions

Recent developments have been rather taxing and my work ethic has suffered over the past week or two, but I’m digging in this week and already I’m making pretty good progress. After Years in Dark Tunnels, the flash game by … Continue reading

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Work in progress…

Hello traveler, You’ll find more here very soon. I’m still working on a lot of projects and trying to finish school, so my time’s a little spent. Still figuring out WordPress, etc. You’ll be hearing more from me.

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