A Better World


A Better World is a facebook-platform social game that I worked on at ZeeGee games. This was my first project at the company and the first project I’d entered after development had began (though by only a month.) I worked mostly on the front-end Flash client, writing AS3. I later would learn some SQL commands and database management software to help with testing back-end to front-end interactions. I got a lot of input on how it was developed and this proved to be a great experience on development process.

I got to teach people who were newer to the team than I about our development process on the client end and prepare them to develop in our work environment. While most of what I did expanded and modified the base of the player walking through areas, sending/leaving messages and items in a socially accessable ‘virtual-world’, and replicating zone technologies, I notably got to create, on my own, the pathfinding for areas, the minigame ‘Positive Puzzler’ (loooooots of string management, was fun), and the interaction between houses and items for house decoration.

This project presented a lot of challenges, especially working and communicating with Toonups, the client, remotely. Toonups hired their own artists and back-end programmers, and held a very different work environment.