After Years in Dark Tunnels

Click here to play After Years in Dark Tunnels! – Kongregate Link

After Years in Dark Tunnels took about 9 months to enter this world. The first child of the Maher Sagrillo and my own labor.Lots of fun ideas in this one and it held some interesting puzzles in it’s implementation.

The game was made in AS3 with Flex and Flixel. I took care of all the programming and helped crystallize the design in process. Had to learn a lot about as3 and get really creative with my logic. Flashlight gates. Pixel waving. Parallax and Saturation control.
I built a tool during this process, a tile editor. It took 3 months and was done in C# with Forms, but it stopped working when we upgraded to Win7. The thing had a nice interface, especially for navigating a large tile-map, but due to the amount of time it’d already taken, we decided to use a tile editor we’d found online.

After Years is a exploratory game, first and foremost. Platforming is involved. As a player you’ll be exploring not just places, but opportunities and how the world works around you.


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