My Tiny Planets


My Tiny Planets is a virtual-world game I worked on at ZeeGee Games. I was involved with this project for only a few months. It was an interesting experience, coming into a project that had been in development for more than a year. I was on the project for three months. During that time, I created several of the interface parts of the landing-page website; including streaming video, logic of audio playback, and mouse controlled physics (across different browsers!) I refactored several minigames, from small art swaps to control rewrites. I also rewrote the controls for the in-game flight and ‘combat’, with close communication and iteration with the game’s designer.

The biggest challenge and reward of this project was in attacking tasks with such little knowledge of the code-environment. Communicating workloads and a completely alien software architecture with my seniors proved very interesting. Getting to work with the in-house game designer was also a treat.